Do you offer any finance?

We can offer finance on defibrillators, cabinets and Emergency Bleed control kits through our finance partners Shire Leasing. With costs as low as £1 a day for a defibrillator site, it allows you to install sites instantly and spread the cost over easily manageable payments. Please contact us to apply for finance.

Can i get money off cabinets and defibs?

Yes! If you spend over £1,000 ex VAT on Defibrillators, Bleed Control products or Cabinets then use the code 50OFF to receive £50 off your order.

How much is shipping?

All orders over £99 (ex vat) include free shipping, cabinets and defibrillators are usually dispatched the next working day and are sent via a 24 hour courier. For orders under £99 a standard £9.99+vat shipping charge is applied. Pads and batteries are usually dispatched the next working day via a 24 hour courier. Any delay in deliveries will be advised by email.

Who Are we?

Defib Outlet is owned by Turtle Engineering Ltd; we have been in the Defibrillator Cabinet and Defibrillator market since January 2012 and developed and deployed the first ever Emergency Bleed Control Cabinet. We have a huge amount of experience in the industry and are happy to help you out with any questions or concerns you may have - please just get in touch with us via any means and we'll be happy to chat to you about anything (preferably Defibrillator or Bleed Control related!) We setup Defib Outlet to concentrate purely on the retail side of the business and allow the main Turtle Engineering business to concentrate on the Engineering and Innovation side of the business, however, we are the same team in the same offices so any technical queries can be answered by the relevant people!

Do I need to register my Defibrillator / Cabinet?

If you would like your defibrillator or bleed control kit to be accessible to any member of the public in an emergency it needs to be registered so the 999 service is aware of it. Defibrillators are managed through a system called The Circuit which has been developed by The British Heart Foundation and has been nationally adopted by all Ambulance Services. To register a Defibrillator visit https://www.thecircuit.uk/

Emergency Bleed Control kits and cabinets are new to the market in 2021, this means that Ambulance services and 999 operators are needing to be educated about the use of them. West Midlands Ambulance Service have led the force and all operators are trained in supporting a caller in how to use the system and they have a database to record the location of all the kits. Other ambualnce services are working to catch up and put a system in place. Please do contact us for an update as we are working closely with them all to achieve this.

Do you need to be trained to use a Defib or Bleed Kit?

In short no, however being trained on something will increase confidence in an emergency, therefore we offer training packages for defibrillators and seperately for the emergency bleed control kits. Training can be tailored to suit the auidence, our trianing providers can train complete novices all the way up to clinical staff, please contact us for more information. However, the most important thing is that in an emergency anyone can use the defibrillator or a bleed kit and the 999 operator will stay on the phone the whole time to ensure the user is confident in what they are doing.

Do i need planning permission to install a cabinet?

Generally speaking no, planning permission is not required for public services, however you may need permission in conservation areas or listed building consent for attaching to listed buildings, so if you are at all in doubt it is always worth speaking to your planning department for confirmation.

We are a charity - do we pay VAT?

If you are a charity working in the medical industry and are donating goods we can possibly zero rate the VAT for you. This is fairly straight forward only requiring one 2-page form to be completed and signed, however, we have to check your eligibility first, so, please contact us and we can talk to you about it.

Can't find the answer to your question? Please contact us!